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Summit Power Equipment
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KEM is a mid-size hydro-turbine manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience, especially for impulse turbines.  KEW is one of the most experienced impulse turbine manufacturers in China.  KEW has supplied more than 50 sets of impulse turbine for the projects throughout the world, including the 3.1 MW Betasso Hydroelectric Project, located in Boulder, CO; the 1.8 MW Hood River Hydroelectric Project, Oregon; and the 63 MW Husonghe Hydroelectric project, Yunnan, China.  HEC has two high head TEST STANDS and can provide any necessary support, including the model runner test, if necessary.


China Huadian Engineering Corporation (CHEC)

China Huadian Engineering Corporation (CHEC) is the PRC State Power Corporation, a trans-regional & cross-vocational company tied with assets, production and management. CHEC has 20 subsidiary & holding companies, 7 joint ventures & 50 cooperative production enterprises.  Key business markets include:

  • Manufacture, equipment supply and project contracting of fossil power generation sets, boilers and ancillary equipment with single unit capacity up to 600MW
  • Manufacture and construction of hydroelectric power station equipment with water head ranging from 1.5m to 700m
  • Engineering, manufacture and construction of transmission line equipment, transformer substation equipment, and complete equipment supply for voltage ratings up to 500 kV
  • Manufacture and complete equipment supply of comprehensive
    automation control system for thermal power, hydroelectric power, transmission and substations
  • Piping engineering and supply for fossil power plant, hydroelectric power plant, petrifaction plant, natural gas systems, water and sewer systems
  • Research and engineering for energy storage projects and development of new energy resource technology
  • Overhaul and modernization projects of fossil power, hydroelectric
    power plants and electric power substations
  • Construction machinery engineering and supply for power projects.

CHEC has been registered as independent legal import-export operation company to transfer advanced technology, import single machine and complete equipment for its clients, and to organize technical communication including co-production between domestic and foreign enterprises.

For more information, visit the CHEC website





Harbin Electric Machinery Company (HEC), a CHEC partner, was founded in 1951 and has supplied more than 22,000 MW of hydro-generating equipment for over 100 middle-large size hydroelectric projects, amounting to 40% of the total installed capacity in China.  Among the those units, there are 21 sets of the world largest turbine runners for the turbine/generators that were installed in GeZhouBa project, located just below the Three Gorges Dam project on the Yangtze River.  HEC is also one of the major suppliers for Three Gorges Dam that features new state-of-the-art 700 MW turbine/generator technology. 


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