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Bob Mooney

Bob Mooney is one of the owners of PMA. He is a licensed professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical utility and independent power industries. 





Performance Management Alliance (PMA)

Performance Management Alliance LLC (“PMA”) is a team-oriented management organization focused on safety and operating efficiency in electric generating facilities.  Based in Boise, Idaho, PMA currently provides management and operations for two hydroelectric projects, one in Idaho and one in California.

 PMA’s team offers knowledge and experience with a variety of backgrounds that allow for highly effective management of utility operations.  Since utility projects are a convergence of many different disciplines, strong project management skills are required to coordinate the variety of activities and mini-projects that exist within a project. 

Under its existing operations and maintenance agreements, PMA is responsible for interface with and management of governmental and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with project licenses and permits.  PMA has been effective in establishing successful working relationships with a wide variety of individuals and entities, including resource agencies, local municipalities and citizens.  In particular, PMA has had extensive experience with environmental mitigation, both from a management standpoint as well as practical experience in the field. 

At any given time, the diversity of activities that take place simultaneously require many skills:  on and off-site management of and operations for plants, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, agency compliance, accounting and administrative services, and efficient management of human and financial resources.  While PMA has a highly qualified staff to provide and/or oversee these varied tasks, it has also developed an inventory of outside resources and consultants that help round out the team with particular skills needed for a given project.




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