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Blythe Energy, LLC (1998-2003) 

Client Contact - Earl Gjelde, Director, Summit Energy Group

 Summit Engineering completed the siting and initial development activities for this proposed 520 MW combined cycle power plant to be located near Blythe, CA.  Siting activities included an assessment of electrical interconnection requirements, water requirements and availability, natural gas interconnection, site access, permitting constraints, and feasibility cost assessment.  Summit is continuing in a Project Management role for this $400 million project.


SMARR Power Project (1998-2000)

 Client Contact - Lee Foley, Project Manager, Oglethorpe Power Corp.

 Summit Engineering is providing on-going consulting services for the development, engineering, construction and operation of the 217 MW SMARR Power Project located near Macon, GA.  Services include construction management, negotiation of gas construction and contracts, assessment of remote operations, and other tasks.  The project is scheduled for commercial operation in June of 1999.


St Francis II Power Plant (1998-2000)

Client Contact - Gary Fulks, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. 

Summit Engineering provided a feasibility and cost assessment for the 260 MW St. Francis II addition to the St. Francis I project located in Southeast, Missouri.  The analysis looked at existing infrastructure of the St. Francis I facility, and determined the ability to use common facilities and reduce the costs for installation of the St. Francis II facility.  The analysis also looked at operation and maintenance costs for a single unit verses the cost of the additional unit.


Muck Valley Hydroelectric Project (1988-2003) 

Client Contact - Bob Mooney, President - Malacha Power Project, Inc. 

Summit completed a new operations model for the 32.5 MW Muck Valley Hydroelectric Project to maximize revenues for the sale of capacity and energy to PG&E in Northern California.  The model uses daily energy pricing from the California PX to help optimize operations at the Muck Valley facility, which has the ability to use off-stream storage to regulate generation.


Bogus Basin Ski Resort Phase 1a Improvements (1996)

 Client Contact - Mike Shirley, General Manager Bogus Basin Recreational Association, Inc.

 Summit Engineering completed the permitting, engineering design and construction management for $3 million in improvements at the Bogus Basin Ski Resort in the summer of 1996.  The improvements included:

  •   Development of new Beginners ski run and lift involving excavation and placement of over 150,000 cy of earth and rock materials. 

  •  Construction of engineered fill involving excavation and compaction of  65,000 cy of material, replacement of wetland area, installation of new sub-drainage and storm drainage system and various sanitary and electrical utilities. 

  •  Replacement of existing ski lift with new high speed detachable quad lift.

The project required a complete EIS to be performed to obtain a Special Use permit from the USFS, Joint Use 404 permit from the US COE and State DWR, stream alteration permit, and other local permits.  The improvements were completed on a fast track schedule beginning on August 1 with substantial completion by November 1 the same year.  The ski resort opened with the first available snow on December 4 with all facilities fully operational.  Summit used a innovative Partnership approach with the Contractor and Owner to successfully complete the Project on-time within budget constraints.


El Oro Ranch Water Supply System & Civil Works (1996-97)

 Client Contact - Paul Rebholtz, Manager El Oro Cattle Feeders

 Summit Engineering was retained to complete the analysis and recommend improvements for an existing water supply system and future expansion involving revised grading and utilities for additional cattle pens.  The existing water supply system is composed of a series of wells and interconnecting distribution lines serving over 143 cattle pens.  The system is prone to line failures and does not efficiently meet the water requirements of the cattle.  The ranch is also required to monitor the water quality of water releases to the existing stream system and operate in accordance with water quality restrictions.

 Summit completed a field test of the existing system, developed a PID and corresponding hydraulic analysis.  The system was optimized using alternative recommendations for phased improvements to the system.  These improvements included:

  • Re-operation of well system

  • New strategically placed interconnecting distribution lines

  • Additional system storage

The Project is on-going with construction scheduled for 1997


St. Francis No. 1 Combined Cycle Facility (1995-99)

 Client Contact - Gary Fulks, Manager of Planning & Engineering Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Summit Engineering completed a feasibility assessment for the 250 MW St. Francis combined cycle Project located in southern Missouri.  The assessment included an analysis of the “balance of plant” for the 170 MW combustion turbine and 90 MW steam turbine which involved water supply, structure foundations, water and fuel storage, site containment, site access, and interconnection facilities.  The construction cost for the balance of plant facilities is approximately $10 million.  Summit prepared several Project Agreements including the approximate $100 million EPC contract which was executed between AECI and Siemens Power Corp. in November, 1996.  The Project will start construction in August of 1997.  Summit completed the fuel supply agreement, the electrical services agreement, and the operation and maintenance agreement between the various parties.  Summit has been retained to help manage the Project EPC and O&M contracts. 


Pit River Water control Structures (1994-96)

Client Contact - John Britten, Site Manager for Big Valley Ranches

 Summit Engineering was Project Manager for the analysis, engineering and construction of several water retention and control structures on the Pit River.  The first project involved installation of 1500 gpm well, water conveyance facilities, and construction of shallow 25 acre pond for water storage and seasonal wildlife habitat.  Second project involved design, construction and installation of regulating headgates on existing river dam  The gates are scheduled for installation in the spring of 1997.  Summit has been retained to perform construction management services.


Diversion Works Improvements (1995-97)

 Client Contact - Bob Mooney, President Malacha Power Project, Inc.

 Summit has completed the permitting, preliminary engineering & design for the improvements at a river intake which include a 260 ft. long rubber dam and replacement of existing trashracks.  Summit completed the permitting at State and Federal levels involving the US Fish & Wildlife, BLM, California Fish & Game, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  The engineering analysis utilized a physical model study of the existing intake and diversion works completed at the Utah State Water Research Facility at Logan, Utah.  The analysis pointed out hydraulic problems with the existing shallow intake that might be resolved with additional submergence.  Summit researched and analyzed several systems that could cost effectively perform this function and prepared the necessary permits including an Amendment the FERC License Application.  The projects are scheduled for final engineering and construction in 1997.


Muck Valley Access Road to Collett Lake(1990)

 Client Contact - Bob Mooney, President Malacha Power Project, Inc.

 Mr. Looper was Project Manager for the planning, permitting, design and construction of a 2 mile access road through native volcanic terrain.  The road involved obtaining a BLM Special Use Permit for ROW through environmentally sensitive lands.  The road heavily used geotextile fabrics for support in soft/unstable foundation soils consisting of volcanic ash deposits and mudflows.


Collett Reservoir Off-Stream Storage Facility (1990-91)

 Client Contact - Bill Leedy, Vice-President Constellation Energy

 Mr. Looper was Project Manager for the development of a $15 million 7800 acre-ft., off-stream storage reservoir in Northern California.  The unique facility was designed to store high spring flows in an off-steam reservoir for later release to enhance the typically lower summer instream flows for power generation and fisheries.  Development responsibilities included FERC and State permitting, engineering design, power sales negotiation, construction financing, construction management, project certification and operation.  The dam construction involved placement of 1 million cy of soil and processed rock materials.  The siting and permitting process involved completion of an NEPA & SEPA environmental documents, securing water rights and resolving protests, negotiating use of project lands and implementation of public/private environmental mitigation plans.

The environmental mitigation involved three unique projects including:

  • Establishment of floating duck and geese nesting islands that fluctuated with the reservoir water surface elevation and withstood winter icing and high wind conditions.

  • Establishing a new wetland area using seepage from the dam and re-vegetation by collecting seeds and planting EPA Category II type plant species in the new area.

  • Excavating and land farming soils potentially contaminated with gas and hydraulic oil on site using chicken manure for fertilizer/catalyst.


Pit River Basin Analysis (1989-1990)

 Client Contact - Bob Mooney, President-Malacha Power Project, Inc., Boise, ID

 Mr. Looper was Project Manager for the development of a basin-wide model to analyze the operation of existing hydroelectric facilities and proposed off-steam storage sites for enhancement of instream river flows and shaping of energy generation.  The project included development of an operations model to permit evaluation under real time water supply conditions of alternative river and hydroelectric project operation scenarios.  The Pit River flows 140 miles from the Northern California - Oregon border to Lake Shasta draining a 4,000 sq. mile basin.  The Pit River serves seven major hydroelectric facilities, two wildlife refuges, a significant number of irrigators, and is a critical drainage to the Sacramento River which supply’s water throughout California.  The analysis included an inventory of existing water rights, collection of historical hydrologic data for reservoirs and streams in the basin (both USGS and private data), evaluation of operations at existing hydroelectric and reservoir systems, and assessment of best management practices for use of water in the basin.


Upper Gunnison - Uncompahgre Basin Study (1986-87)

Client - Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority, Denver, CO.

 Mr. Looper was Project Manager for this comprehensive basin study of the Upper Gunnison and Uncompahgre River Basins.  The purpose of the study was to evaluate the existing and proposed uses of water within the basin including outside diversions for water supply, recreation and wildlife/fisheries enhancement.  The project was critical in establishing in-basin needs for water with a backdrop of water diversion filings from growing communities on Colorado’s Eastern Slope.  A complete inventory of reservoirs and contributing streams was conducted including their existing use and potential value for white-water recreation, fishing & outdoor recreation, irrigation and municipal water supply, and for enhancement of instream flows for fisheries and wildlife.   







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