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Summit Power Equipment, LLC (SPE) was formed in 2002 as a platform for providing power generation equipment in North America principally from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).  The PRC became part of the World Trade Organization at the end of 2001 and is developing into a major trading partner for the US and Canada.  The SPE relationship with PRC extends back to 1985 with the first installation of the PRC turbines in the US at the Sunshine and Betasso hydroelectric facilities for the City of Boulder, CO.  Mr. Looper was Project Manager for the Sunshine facility receiving the ASCE Engineering Excellence Award in 1985.  The PRC has significantly advanced their manufacturing and testing technology since that time and now represents the leading edge of hydroelectric turbine equipment technology.  The Harbin Electric Machinery Company, the largest power manufacturing facility in the PRC, has produced over half of the hydroelectric generating installed capacity in the PRC and is providing turbines for the Three Gorges Dam Project.  The mechanics of exporting this capability to the world is focused through China Huadian Engineering Corporation (CHEC), who represent Harbin and over 60 other large manufacturing facilities in the PRC

The Principals of SPE include Robert Looper, Bob Mooney and Lianggao Liu.  The principals of SPE have worked together successfully for over a decade in the hydroelectric power industry.  One of the first major private power projects in the Western US to come on line after the passage of PURPA in 1978 was the 32.5 MW Muck Valley Hydroelectric Project located in Northern California.  The original partners in the development of Muck Valley included Malacha Power Project, Inc. and Constellation Energy.  Managing Partner Bob Mooney and Project Manager Bob Looper, who completed the original project development, remain involved in the asset management and day to day operations of Muck Valley through their own companies Performance Management Associates (PMA) and Summit Engineering.  Deb Shoemaker serves as CFO of PMA, and Lianggao Liu as Chief Engineer.   Since the completion of Muck Valley, Bob Mooney and Bob Looper have been involved in the development, financing and management of over 4000 MW of power plants including hydroelectric and gas fired facilities. 




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